MONEK – YUG AD, town of Kardzhali has been established as an independent enterprise in 1954 with scope of activity: production of mining and mineral processing and metallurgical equipment, mining and drilling instruments, spare parts, rubber parts, repairs and similar engineering activities.

Our clients are mainly mining, quarrying, flotation, tunneling and engineering companies.

We export 60% of our production to Europe, and our main clients are primarily companies from Germany, Austria, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan.


We produce mainly mining and drilling equipment, which makes up for about 25% of the total production volume. The production takes place on two technological lines – for monobloc and for drilling tool attachments.

A quality certificate is issued for all products. The products are manufactured according to the requirements of the Bulgarian State Standard, which is fully compliant with the 180 – standard. Currently we are working to implement the 1509001/2000 standard.

The quality of the mining and drilling tools produced by MONEK – YUG AD is proven on the Bulgarian market, as well as on the markets of Austria, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia and other countries.

Our Team

MONEK –YUG AD has experienced engineering and technical staff. There is an established Technical department, which deals with the design of machines and equipment and preparation of technologies for their production. Most of the nomenclature of MONEK – YUG AD is developed entirely in the Technical department.

The total number of staff is more than 300 employees.

Our well-qualified specialists are working with highly efficient design systems.

The availability of good technology, proven material base, and qualified workers make MONEK – YUG AD a preferred partner for every client.