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This complex equipment is used in mining construction for sinking vertical shafts and shafts and inclined at a small angle. The rock should be medium-hard or hard, i.e. without any requirement of wall strengthening because the special monorail is fixed on the wall. This special monorail consists of separate parts with a length of 750 to 1,000mm. Depending on the achievable shaft height, they are added and fixed on the shaft wall. In this way the height of the shaft may reach up to 100 meters.

The work platform is independently driven and able to move up and down the special monorail. It is manually operated and controlled by the people working on the platform.

1. Angle of passage inclination, degrees 60 – 90
2. Passage cross section, m2 4 – 6
3. Passage height, m 100
4. Useful load, kg 500
5. Travel speed, m/s 0.2
6. Length of monorail section, mm 700 and 1,000
7. Complex weight, kg 10 300