Industrial Unit for Mining and Flotation Equipment

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The Industrial Unit for Mining and Flotation Equipment Is divided into two separate production units: mechanical and assembly. Here are performed all mechanical processes, welding and production of parts and assemblies, necessary for the installation of machines. The unit has the following equipment, which enables the production of machines for the mines, ore enrichment, flotation, metallurgical and construction companies:

  • Lathes (DIP 200, DIP 300, DIP 500) for turning of details with height up to 4800 mm. and diameter 1000 mm.
  • Universal digital milling tools.
  • Milling tools for cutting gear wheels (with straight teeth and slanted teeth) with diameter up to 1400 mm. and module 17
  • Horizontal drilling machines for processing of details with sizes 1400 х 1600 mm.
  • Vertical lathe for processing of details up to 4000 mm
  • Machining centers МС32, DECKEL-DC40.
  • Sheet-bending press (for sheets with thickness up to 12 mm. and length 2500 mm.).
  • Sheet metal roller (for sheets with thickness up to 32 mm. and length 4500 mm.)
  • Grinding equipment for flat surfaces with sizes 600 х 1000 mm., grinding of rollers and axles with diameter up to 150 mm. and length up to 1500 mm.
  • Mechanical hacksaw, circular – sawing machines and shears for cutting round sheets with diameter up to 400 mm. and sheets with thickness up to 20 mm.

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