Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2 Elite Polyurea Machine

We have the highest class polyurea application machine – Reactor 2 E-XP2 Elite, manufactured by the world leader in this field – the American manufacturer GRACO. The machine is fully equipped, it is mobile, it has 94 meters of hoses and it can be used on site at the customer’s place to apply coatings. Polyurea after mixing hardens in 6-9 seconds and is practically impossible to lay without a specialized machine. The better the polishing machine, the better the quality of the finish. Our partners are world-proven polyurea manufacturers who will help us select the most suitable polyurea for your needs. A team of specialists will apply the coating, as a combination of a quality product and its correct application will guarantee you trouble-free operation. You will be issued a warranty for the applied coating which may exceed 25 years depending on the type of polyurea used.


Polyurea is a two-component material, characterized by fast laying, seamless coating and high durability. It has excellent adhesion with almost all materials and is the best solution both for new and for the repair and renovation of old objects. The chemical process is based on a reaction between high quality isocyanate polymers with a mixture of reactive amine resins.

It is used to build protective coatings – waterproofing, anti-corrosion, wear resistance and chemical resistance.

It is laid on concrete, metal, wood or other.

It is most often used for:

Waterproofing of roofs and walls of halls, especially where there is a track due to the vibrations from which and due to temperature expansion and contraction, the panels are constantly moving and other waterproofing is easily destroyed.
Floors, walls or areas where secure and durable protection from wear and tear is required;
Insulating/strengthening vessels, tanks, silos or others filled with various liquids, agricultural crops, chemical substances
Waterproofing of pools, basements, foundations, ceilings, etc.;
Healing of cracked or compromised walls and slabs.
Protective coating of cargo compartments of trucks or buses, where there is a lot of friction and as a result of the wear and tear, the paint is removed and corroded or destroyed.


Fast curing;
Seamless coating;
100% dry substance, without solvents and volatile substances;
High resistance to wear, hydrolysis and bacteria;
100% waterproofing coating;
Resistant to UV rays;
High stiffness systems to high elasticity systems;
Temperature resistance (-30°C to + 150°C);
Unlimited layer thickness in one application;
Inert material – does not affect human health and the environment;

Most often, polyurea is applied in the form of spraying with specialized machines. This allows it to be applied quickly. The reaction time between the components is within a few seconds, during which time the material polymerizes and hardens. Depending on the polyurea used, after about two hours the insulated object can be put into operation.


Hammer strength test on concrete blocks
Laying on metal tank
Laying on metal tank/silo
Laying on concrete tank

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